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Certificate EN ISO 9001 Management system

Quality policy

• DIS GROUP politic is based on offering of high quality product and service to the clients by using the professional qualifications of the management and the work staff, according to the prescriptive requirements and standards in the steel production industry.

• DIS GROUP obeys the contentment of the clients, observes and satisfies their recommendations, requirements and complaints and uses all that for reaching better quality of products and services.

• DIS GROUP takes care of establishing the long- term and high- quality cooperation with the suppliers 

• DIS GROUP stands for its high qualified team and motivated personnel and takes care to create pleasant surroundings, whereupon, every subject should be aware of the meaning of its activity in the process of taking care for the clients and the company’s regulation for long- term perspective.

• DIS GROUP will look after the staff in the meaning of taking trainings and education as a base for implementation of the Quality Management System.

• DIS GROUP promotes the Quality Management System according to 9001:2008 ISO Standards.

• DIS GROUP is obligated to identify all the corrective and preventive methods for permanent advancement of the product quality and the services as well.

• DIS GROUP shoots at the point which eliminates all the risks and drawbacks which can lieds to receding of client credibility and decreasing of the profit.

• DIS GROUP takes control in improvement of each process that has influence on the quality of the products and services.

• DIS GROUP guarantees a correct business partnership to its clients and a complete achievement for each contract.

• DIS GROUP obligates to achieve all the terms of the legislation for environment health and safety, management of the resources and investments of the highest range.