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  In places where there is no natural gas, the industry is limited to work or develop products and services using the energy sources available in the region. Transport module or virtual-pipeline is an alternative method of transporting natural gas to places where there are no pipeline networks available. It is based on a modular system of compression, transport and decompression of natural gas, which communities, industries, gas stations and others can use. When the product reaches its destination, the module is connected to a decompression/regasification station for ready consumption. The great advantage is that the amount of natural gas transported varies according to the needs previously determined by the customers.

DIS following the new methods for storing and transporting natural gas, started with producing Transport Modules in which are fitted CNG cylinders. This Module is created by following all required international safety standards.

DIS also produces Containers for Modular CNG Dispensers in which is installed equipment for gas stations and serve to quickly implementation in the field. This container has all that is necessary for safe, most effective and quick use.

So now we can offer our new products on clients that are interested in this area of working with natural gas.