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 Container units

The containers are one of the first products made by DIS. Nowadays, the manufacturing of the containers is still running as process of production of standard items or some modified variants, according to the market requirements. Depending of the needs, the containers can be made for living and administration, sanitary services and containers for temporary or permanent storages as well. Standard dimensions of the containers are 6058 mm x 2438 mm x 2591 mm. Our offer includes single container units and modular or composite as well. 


- Flexibility in creation of the space, using combination of units which can be combined together horizontally and vertically

- It is a one complete package

- Easy utilization and long- term of use

- High quality is guaranteed by using of the best materials

- Design, construction and assemblage of the units (markets, homes, mobile stations, clubs)

We are capable to offer containers with specific dimensions as special editions with wide range of colors. We are installing special equipment due to the client’s demands.