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DIS GROUP takes care for professional education of the staff and development according to the advanced technology and modern designing. During the several few months, there were organized two educational programs:

1. Seminar on subject:

BASIC TOOLS FOR IMPLEMENTATION OF THE LAW FOR HEALTH AND SAFETY AT WORK/ Parallel between the Expert for Safety at work and the Representative for the employees in the field of Health and Safety at work. DIS provides all the standards and regulations in EHS Management System. It means implementation of the law regulations for Environment, Health and Safety at work, under supervision of the company authorized in this field.

2. Seminar on the subject:


Lecturer: Ph. D. Petar Nikolovski, B.Sc. arch

The basic idea on this lecture was implementation of the advanced composite panel systems, the methods of practical embedding and the issues of the insulations in general.  If our prime aim as engineers is to build interior spaces with healthy conditions of climate and low costs for energy supply, than, we must implement the new materials and techniques that the modern industry gives us today.As professionals in this field, we must know everything about the benefit of the composite system for insulation and try to improve the ecological standards thru the low energetic costs.

DIS has already implemented the terms and regulations for energetic efficiency in the building process of the new premises for the Head Office of the company. Working according to the terms and implementing sophisticated materials, we succeed to rich the goal- construct the building with high efficiency level.