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 Steel construction


Why the steel?

The steel is a material of boundless opportunities. It is a stabile partner with exquisite features, always attractive for the engineers and investors. It is perfect solution to build a modern structure. Due to its 100 % effectiveness, the imagination of the architects becomes a reality. With its low price, excellent mechanical features, the high static facilities, its durability, its endless opportunity for creation, its flexibility, all that reveals the entrance in the new age of the steel industry. The industrial buildings made from steel are the best effective solution on the market today. According to the investors needs there are defined the free space and the distance between the columns. As regards to the length of the buildings, there are no limits in the number of the constructive steel frames which are built in. Due to their issue, the buildings can be industrial, administrational, buildings for sports, storages and etc.



• heavy construction

• truss or

• combination of both


It can be combined by cold- rolled profiles, zinc coated profiles or by regular steel profiles. It is used for roofs and facades. The material of which the steel construction is made, is steel, with standard qualities S 235 – S 355. For special usage, some special customized orders can be made. For the purpose of assemblage of all the items, there are high quality screws, with 8.8 qualities.

During the production process, the steel is protected from atmospheric influence with multilayer anticorrosive protection. The thickness of all the layers together is 80 microns approximately, unless the project subscribes otherwise. In the case of damaging of the protective layer during the assemblage, it shell be repaired immediately